6В11102-Cultural and leisure work

6В11102-Cultural and leisure work

Educational program 6B11102 - Cultural and leisure work

According to the Bachelor's degree program 6B11102, Cultural and leisure work has been conducted since 1992. OP 6B11102 Cultural and leisure work is a methodological and cultural center in the organization of recreation and leisure of people in their free time. Today's labor market needs personnel OP 6B11102 Cultural and leisure work, as leisure activities become more important every year in the process of forming a harmoniously developed and spiritually rich personality.

      A great contribution to the formation and development of OP 6B11102 - Cultural and leisure was made by PhD, Professor Yerzhanov M.E., PhD, Professor Gorbachev A.A., Candidate of Art History, Associate Professor Guryeva G.G., PhD, senior lecturer Aitkalieva D.N., Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, director, actor Kazhimuratov S.K., Honored Worker of Culture of Kazakhstan Kaziev E.E., senior lecturer Rupengey L.V., senior lecturer, master Abuova R.S., head of the KVN team of the Higher League of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bauyrzhanuly A. and others.

 All teaching staff of the Cultural and Leisure Work department participate in research and methodological activities aimed at improving the content of education in order to train personnel who meet modern requirements and are in demand in the labor market.

       Senior lecturer Baktygalieva E.S. has completed postgraduate studies in the program of training scientific and pedagogical personnel at the Kazan State Institute of Culture, specialty 13.00.08 - Theory and methodology of vocational education and is preparing to defend her dissertation.

 In order to expand the electronic content of OP 6B11102 Cultural and leisure work, video lecture courses have been developed by Candidate of Art History, associate Professor G.G.Gurieva on the subject of "Art History", on the topic "Surrealism and creativity of Salvador Dali" and on the subjects "Methods of conducting cultural events in schools", "Technology of methodological guidance of cultural and leisure activities" of the candidate pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer D.N.Aitkalieva with presentation presentation.

For basic and profiling predmetov electronic teachers were developed, Masters R. S. Abuovoy "basic stage master's degree", "Organization of leisure abroad", G. E. Zhumagaliyev "cultural and leisure activities for children and adolescents", "festive ritual and traditional activities". Also, the monograph of the senior teacher, master R. S. Abuovoy "intellectual development of children as a socio-cultural problem"was presented.

        Students and teachers: Abuova R. S., Kabasova K. A. Organization of leisure abroad. Training manual (Kazakh, Russian, English). Almaty, "Medet Group", 2020., Abuova R. S. fundamentals of script skills.  Training manual (Kazakh, Russian, English). Karaganda, "Medet Group", 2020., Aitkalieva D. N. technology of methodical management of cultural and educational work. "I don't know," he said. Ritz zkgu im.M. Utemisova. 2020., Abuova A. S., Abuova R. S., Zaur K. M. formation of musical culture. Training manual. West Kazakhstan innovative technological university. 2023., Abuova A. S., Abuova R. S., Zaur K. M. history of Art. Training manual. West Kazakhstan innovative technological university. 2023., Abuova R. S. methodology of organizing the work of yard clubs.  The textbook. WKU RBO. 2023.

        And also, mass open online courses (MOOCs) have been developed on the subject of "Artistic and mass leisure organization" by senior lecturer E.S.Baktygalieva. The educational process includes the textbook of Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor M.E.Yerzhanov "Madeni-tynygu kyzmeti" and the innovative training of teachers I.I.Iskakova and A.A.Sundetkalieva "Ic shara zhurgizushilerin zhana bagytta dayindau courses".

 Teachers and students of OP 6B11102 Cultural and leisure work take an active part in the development of the city's culture, participating in competitions and festivals at the international, national level, in regional, city, university cultural events and conduct master classes and seminars.

Students of the OP Cultural and leisure work actively participate in Republican Olympiads, research and development and take prizes. In 2016, the team "Zhumyr kylysh" on OP Cultural and leisure work took 1st place in the VIII Republican subject Olympiad under the guidance of senior lecturer, master Abuova R.S. In this regard, in 2017, from March 30 to March 31, the IX Republican Olympiad on OP 5B090600 Cultural and leisure work was carried out on the basis of WKSU among students of higher education educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

       In 2019, OP 5B090600/6B11102 - Cultural and leisure work among the universities participating in the NAAR rating took 1st place in the bachelor's degree specialty. (Certificate National rating 2019).

OP 5B090600/6B11102 - Cultural and leisure work in the Rating the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken" takes prizes: 2019-2020 academic year - 1st place, 2020-2021 academic year - 1st place, 2021-2022 academic year - 3rd place, 2023-2024 academic year - 2nd place.