1.The goal of education in the specialty "6М042100 Design»
The main purpose of education in the specialty 6M042100-Design is:
- training of highly qualified teaching staff, competitive scientific, pedagogical and managerial personnel in demand in the labor market;
- formation of systematic knowledge in the field of art science and the use of innovative technologies for the study of General laws;
- formation of key and special competencies of masters with high social and civil responsibility, able to carry out professional activities;
- mastering the basics of research and experimental methods of observation and analysis of design processes and phenomena.
2. List of qualifications and positions
The graduate of this study program are awarded the degree "Master of art Sciences on a speciality "6М042100 - Design".
Master of arts without presenting requirements to work experience as a specialist of the highest level of qualification without category in accordance with the Standard qualification characteristics of positions of teachers and equivalent persons approved by the order of the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 13, 2009 № 338, may hold the following positions: designer; in accordance with the Qualification directory of positions of managers, specialists and other employees, approved by the order of the Minister of labor and social protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 25, 2010 № 385-e.
3. Qualification characteristics of the graduate of the educational program
3.1 the Scope of professional activities
Master of arts in the specialty "6M042100-Design" carries out its professional activities in the field of education and science, means the possession of modern means, methods and forms of artistic design, allowing to create a harmonious subject-spatial environment, as well as the specified state of a variety of artistic objects.
3.2 Objects of professional activity
The objects of professional activity of the master of arts in the specialty 6M042100-Design are:
- organization of secondary education of all types, regardless of ownership and departmental subordination;
- organization of technical and vocational education;
- higher education institutions;
- cultural and educational institutions;
- media organizations, advertising and printing;
- centers of culture and arts, museums;
- professional creative unions and associations;
- art and industrial enterprises.
3.3 Subject of professional activity
The subjects of professional activity of the master of arts in the specialty "6M042100 - Design" are the design of the architectural environment, interior design, landscape design, monumental and decorative art, advertising design, printing design, graphic language and visual culture, art and photography, fashion design, furniture design and technical design.
3.4 professional activities
Master of art Sciences on a speciality "6М042100 Design" can perform the following professional activities:
- educational (pedagogical);
- production and application;
- design;
- creative;
- organizational and managerial;
- research.
3.5 Typical tasks of professional activity
Typical tasks of professional activity of the master of arts in the specialty "6M042100-Design" correspond to the types of professional activity:
in the field of educational activities:
- training and development of students, the organization of the process of training and education, design and management of the pedagogical process, diagnosis, correction, prediction of the results of pedagogical activity;
- conducting classes in General, technical and secondary professional, higher educational institutions, the implementation of methodological knowledge and applied skills in the educational situation;
- study, generalization, dissemination of innovative experience in the field of art.
in the field of educational and technological activities:
- use of innovative pedagogical technologies in the educational process;
- participation in the organization of the process of search and processing of design information using information and communication technologies;
- the ability to apply in practice the knowledge gained in the field of professional and social and humanitarian disciplines.
in the field of social and pedagogical activity:
- creation of favorable conditions and provision of pedagogical support for the education and development of students;
- formation of an objective assessment of the personal level of claims, standards of business ethics, ethical and legal norms of behavior.
in the field of scientific research:
- study of scientific and methodical literature;
- study and generalization of innovative pedagogical experience in teaching art;
- conducting pedagogical experiments with the introduction of their results in the educational process;
- implementation of scientific research on specialized disciplines in various scientific and industrial institutions;
- the ability to creatively use the achievements of art Sciences and summarize the results of research;
- ability to foresee possible positive and negative consequences of search work;
- ability to objectively evaluate the results of their research activities;
in the field of organizational and management activities:
- planning of the educational process, the content of the design course, to select the material, methods, techniques, means for meaningful activities and the organization of the developing environment and its use as a means of education of students at different levels of education;
- definition of ways of organization and conduct of the educational process;
- organizational and technological activities in the production of various profiles;
- production and management activities in government at various levels.
4. Requirements to the level of education
Graduate with a degree in 6М042100 Design needs:
- methods of collection and design of pre-project material, fixing the existing situation;
- the sequence and nature of actions in the design process (search-analysis-solution);
- requirements for the design of the project material;
- the role in society and the boundaries of design activity, which is constantly changing as a result of the introduction of new computer technologies, technical achievements in the field of telecommunications, strengthening the impact of mass consciousness.
- to work with reference literature, to make reference diagrams, to determine the sequence of the design process, to carry out preliminary materials, to embody the finished project idea in demonstration materials, in accordance with the requirements to make out the project material (including the use of modern software products) and competently present their work at the presentation, protection.
have the skills:
- full-scale inspection of the object and analysis of the situation;
- self-preparation of the design assignment and work program;
- formation of the creative concept and its display in preliminary sketches;
- compositional solution of the General exposition of the project;
- colors-graphic solutions and making layouts and models.
be competent:
- in modern trends in architecture, art and design, the history of culture of peoples, their traditions and customs;
- to be guided in the process of constantly changing needs of society.
5. Learning strategies and methods
The overall results of the training program in the specialty "6M042100-Design" will be achieved through the following training activities:
1) classroom classes: lectures, seminars and practical classes-are held taking into account innovative learning technologies, using the latest achievements of science, technology and information systems and in an interactive form;
2) extracurricular activities: independent work of the student, including under the guidance of a teacher, individual consultations;
3) conducting educational and professional practices, preparation of dissertation work.
The content of the educational program of the specialty allows students to master the system of subject, interdisciplinary, psychological, pedagogical and methodological knowledge, to demonstrate knowledge and understanding in the field of psychology and social, to apply this knowledge and understanding at a professional level
Lectures, seminars, discussions and practical classes, various types of practices throughout the program will provide students with ample opportunities to develop key and special competencies in the specialty 6M042100 - Design, in particular the application of theoretical knowledge in design, taking into account specific socio-psychological conditions, rational and creative use of technologies and information sources (multimedia training programs, electronic textbooks, TV and Internet technologies).
Management of the teaching staff of independent work of undergraduates, individual consultations will allow to develop undergraduates educational and research skills. In addition, graduate students are working on a dissertation on their chosen topic under the personal supervision of a supervisor.
6. Monitoring and evaluation of learning outcomes
In the preparation of masters program specialty 6M042100-Design provides a wide range of different forms of control and evaluation of the expected results of training: current and midterm control(survey in the classroom, testing on the topics of discipline, control work, protection of practical works, portfolio, etc.), interim certification(testing by sections of the discipline, exam, protection of reports on practices), the final state certification(defense of master's thesis, state exam).