6В02123 Fashion and costume design

Purpose of the educational program

Training of fashion designers who are able to carry out creative activities in the field of fashion and costume design, using innovative design design tools and technologies.  

The graduate is awarded the academic degree "Bachelor of Arts" in the educational program - "Fashion and costume design". They can hold positions in accordance with the qualification requirements of the Qualification Directory of positions of managers, specialists and other employees of state cultural organizations, approved by order of the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 21, 2012 No. 201ө-m without presenting requirements for work experience as a higher specialist skill level of the costume designer.

Key principles of the program:

  • Complies with international standards: subject descriptors, cycle and level of study (eg Dublin descriptors, requirements of accreditation agencies and expectations of strategic partners);
  • Focused on the training of fashion designers; saturation of the service market with competitive high-level specialists, implementation of new approaches to the profession of clothing designer based on modern design methodology and current trends in the fashion world.
  • Based on the principle of constructive consistency and relevance: graduate model, goals, planned learning outcomes, assessment and teaching methods.


Graduate Qualification Model

A graduate of the educational program Fashion and costume design is methodically and psychologically prepared for changes in the type and nature of their professional activities;

  • Ability to fulfill orders for individual customers, work in a design bureau, development of individual sketches for magazine graphics;
  • Capable of designing costumes for mass production, theater and cinema, building your own brand;
  • Ability to solve problems in organizing design processes for the production of seasonal and capsule collections, online sales of clothing items, organizing the visual space of stores, advertising and stylistic support for products;
  • Possession of clothing design methods, practical methods and techniques of constructive modeling, skills in managing the production and technological process.