6B02109 Interior design

The purpose of the educational program: Training of modern creative designers with professional qualities and a desire for self-education, self-development and self-realization, possessing modern design technologies for the design, arrangement and design of the subject-spatial environment of residential and public interiors.

Key principles of the program:

  • Conforms to international standards: subject descriptors, cycle and level of learning (eg Dublin descriptors, requirements of accreditation agencies and expectations of strategic partners);
  • Focused on the labor market and consumers;
  • Based on the principle of constructive consistency and consistency: the model of the graduate, goals, planned learning outcomes, assessment and teaching methods;
  • Integrated with the latest research and innovation in professional practice. 

A graduate of the educational program Interior Design is methodically and psychologically prepared for changes in the type and nature of his professional activity;

 - Able to design interiors of residential and public premises;

- Design equipment and furniture in the interior;

- Implements sketches and projects for the stylistic solution of the interior in special design programs with 3D modeling;

- Prepared for the design of exhibition spaces and visual communications in the interior;

- Perform objects, decorations and elements of monumental and decorative art.