"Student VIBE-2021!"

On October 11, 2021, the Faculty of Culture and Art, the Department of Music Education and Vocal gave a concert of the 1st year of the group MOB-11/13 "Student VIBE!"

The purpose of the evening is to acquaint freshmen with student life, to show the possibilities of art, performance on stage, and the culture of singing. All this contributed to the development and formation of musical abilities, curiosity, responsiveness, as well as the upbringing of activity, versatility, the ability to effectively use their time, and avoid bad habits. The evening was very well organized and theatrical. The teachers were greeted by the students with thunderous applause until they settled down in their seats. The concert program consisted of various numbers: students sang songs, danced not only themselves, but also invited teachers to dance. At the evening, Russian and Kazakh songs were performed, the students showed their skills and finished with cheerful dances together with the curator of the group Gulmira Utegenova.

At the end of the festive evening, the dean of the faculty Karlygash Rakhimovna and the head of the department Babenko Olga Alexandrovna spoke. They congratulated all teachers and students on the holiday and wished everyone success and creative achievements. All those present really liked the organization of the concert and its creative direction. They expressed their gratitude for the outstanding event.