International Students ' Day

17 November 2020 in West Kazakhstan University. M. Utemisov, faculty of culture and art, the students of the groups of Mob-11, Mob/u – 13 specialty music education and curator of Bicakova K. E. held a festive event dedicated to the day of the student on the topic "Interesting KL – student Omir". The purpose of the event: to introduce students to the history of the holiday, to cultivate in them curiosity, activity, versatility, the ability to effectively use their time, avoid bad habits. A call to get deep knowledge and become a competitive specialist as a student.

During the event, the curator of the group Bicakova K. E., elaborated on the history of the holiday, congratulated the students on the occasion and urged the students of the group work hard and learn to become competitive professionals. The festive event continued with a musical concert of the group's students. At the evening, N. Zayyrov performed the kui Kurmangazy "Adai" with special skill, D. Kuanyshuly kui Kurmangazy "Balbirauyn", K. Ayupova read the poem "Students are a beautiful time" and shared a video. Also a student of group N. Sainty performed "Student song", A. Say and sh. Sakeni presented to the audience the song "Bir ID balisandy". During the evening, students of the group shared videos prepared for the holiday. the event was attended by the dean of the faculty kazhimova k. r., and senior lecturer of the department of music education and vocal umirzakova l. k. who congratulated the students on the holiday and invited them to work and study. at the end of the event, the student of the group n. zayyrov thanked the teachers of the department of music education and vocal with special attention.