Abai Kunanbayev is a great poet, writer, public figure, founder of modern Kazakh written literature. For the first time in Kazakh literature, he created poetic works about the purpose of the poet and poetry ("Poetry is the ruler of the language"), combined elements of landscape, love lyrics with philosophical generalizations and educational and humanistic ideas. Abai's artistic innovation was manifested in the renewal of the subject matter of the content of poetry. Many poems are written in the form of lyrical monologues ("Aittym salem, Kalamkas")

            Abai sang a woman - a mother as the support of the family. The poems "Kazimnin Karasy", "Kyzaryp, surlanyp", "Kashyktyk tili - tilsiz til" show the power of love, the beauty of a woman. Of course, he had a great influence on the national culture of the late 19th - early 20th centuries.

In honor of his jubilee, at the Department of Musical Education and Vocal was held a creative evening in the online format "Abai ogular". The organizers of the creative event were the 1st year students of VI-11 under the guidance of the group curator Malayeva Dariya Nurbolatovna.                                                                   The event was attended by the deputy dean of the faculty for educational work, senior teacher, master of music education Raushan Zhardemovna Kuanshaliyeva and all the teachers of the department. The hosts of the creative evening were the students of the VI-11 group Nurmukhan Aykhan and Eleusiz Bakhytzhamal, who briefly talked about the life of Abai and supplemented it with video information.

At the evening, the famous works of the poet were performed by students. Our listeners did not stand aside either, the famous compositions of Abai Kunanbayev were performed on the button accordion and on the dombra.
At the end of the evening, the floor was given to the senior consultant of the education department Zhanbota Esengalievna and the deputy dean for academic affairs of the faculty of culture and arts Raushan Zhardemovna. She thanked the curator and students, recommending more often organizing such creative evenings to popularize Abai's poems and songs among the younger generation and instill in them good human qualities.

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