Department of Music Education and Vocals


Head of the Department - Babenko Olga Alexandrovna

pr.N. Nazarbayev, 137, room 300

Phone: 8 (7112) 513729

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Department of Musical Education and Vocal is a structural subdivision of ZKU named after. M. Utemisova and the head of the department carry out their activities on the basis of the job description of the head of the department. The position of the head of the department belongs to the teaching staff of the University and is elective.

Purpose: organizing the activities of students in the development of knowledge, the formation and development of skills and competencies that allow them to carry out professional activities, ensuring that they achieve the normatively established results of education; creation of pedagogical conditions for the professional and personal development of students, meeting the needs for deepening and expanding education; methodological support for the implementation of educational programs.


- to ensure the exact implementation of the Charter of the University, Regulations on the Department; ensure the implementation of the functions and achievement of the tasks of the department in accordance with the Regulations on the department; to manage and manage the activities of the department in accordance with applicable law;

- develop a strategy for the development of the department's activities in the areas of training, and ensure the implementation of a long-term plan for the development of the department, including issues of educational and scientific development, methodological and logistical support and the creation of a personnel reserve;

- to strengthen and develop external relations with employers and educational authorities;

- to analyze the market of educational services and the labor market in the areas of training specialists at the department;

- to organize the educational process at the department, the training of highly qualified specialists, the continuous improvement of the quality of training specialists, taking into account the requirements of modern science;

- organize the exact implementation by the staff of the department of the Regulations on the ongoing monitoring of progress and intermediate certification of students, other acts regulating the organization of the educational process at the university;

- develop a quality system for training specialists at the department;

- determine the pedagogical methods and means of teaching in order to ensure the high quality of the educational process;

- take part in the international activities of the department, faculty of the University, establish and maintain international cooperation in the profile of the department with domestic and foreign higher educational institutions, research organizations, enterprises and institutions;

- organize the conduct and control the implementation of all types of training sessions for all forms of education implemented by the University;

- organize the preparation and implementation of annual work plans of the department, including educational, methodological, research, medical (for clinical departments), educational work; to analyze the results of all types of activities of the department with the preparation of reports on the results of the academic year on educational, scientific, medical and educational work;


- to ensure the discussion and implementation in practice of new methods, techniques and methods, activities of the department, its employees based on the results of the participation of the department's employees in seminars, conferences, symposiums and other events on the activities of the department.