Department of Music Education and Vocals

Supervisor: Babenko Olga Aleksandrovna - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor at ZKGU. M. Utemisova, Head of Department

Address: Uralsk, Taimanova 97

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-the creation of a unified musical pedagogical and social environment, the formation of a professional personality, able to independently and effectively accomplish the tasks set in the conditions of developing Kazakhstan. Prospects for the development of the department - the preparation of innovative educational programs and projects aimed at the formation of new competence techniques for the modernization of the educational process of the department.

- the provision of educational services in the training of specialists of culture and art for the Western region of Kazakhstan and the republic as a whole through the main and additional educational programs; basic strategy - the development of the department as an educational and scientific complex, taking into account the priority of educational activities;


- Implementation of teaching, research, educational activities in the field of music education, culture and art based on the integration of science and education, capable of providing high quality education and sustainable development of the department;

- organization and implementation of educational, scientific and methodological work in the disciplines within the framework of the relevant educational programs;

- conducting educational work among students.

The department "Music education and vocals" was formed in 2015 through the merger of two departments: "Music education" and "Vocals and instrumental art." The department is headed by Babenko O.A. Ph.D., associate professor ZKGU them. M. Utemisova

Specialty: 5В010600- "Music education"

Guide Ural Pedagogical Institute. A.S. Pushkin, and then the West Kazakhstan Humanitarian University, realizing the need for musical and aesthetic upbringing and education of children in the conditions of modern Kazakhstan, decided to train music and singing teachers for secondary schools, which opened in 1990 on the basis of artistic and graphic Faculty of specialties 0317 "Music and singing", and then 031740 - "Music education".

A great contribution to the development of music education was made by recognized masters - a member of the Union of Composers of Kazakhstan, Moldagayinov A.S., teachers Khamitova N.S., Shintemirova R.G., Sivash N.G., Dumcheva N.A. and etc.

Under the direction of the head of the department, Ph.D., Professor I.M. Lomonosov, the Department conducted fruitful work in the field of students' musical education. This hard work soon gave its real fruits: the first leading specialists were graduates of the institute of the 90s. Burakova T., Zholbaev M., Baitleuov D., who confirmed the high quality of the training of specialists of their Alma-mater.

From the 1995-1996 school year, the department “Music and singing” was headed by M. Nagimova. From this academic year, the scientific and methodological activity of the department becomes more saturated and productive, the number of students and, correspondingly, graduates - young specialists increase.

To increase the scientific potential of the teaching staff of the department, leading experts in the field of musical pedagogy were invited at different times: professor Kaz.Gos.Zhen.PI Dzherdimalieva RR, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of Moscow State Pedagogical University Abdullin EB, doctor of art history, professor KNK B. Karakulov, Honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, professor KNK them. Kurmangazy A.T.

Students of the department become participants and winners of prestigious competitions and festivals; “Zhas Kyran” trio - laureates of the international competition “Zhas Qanat” and the international festival “Shabyt” - Astana, 2000; trio “Aru” - winners of the International festival “Shabyt” - Astana 2000, Kuanaliev A. - laureate of the International festival “Shabyt” 2002, Dastan Yessentemirov - laureate of international competitions, Uteshkaliev J. - winner of the International Festival “Shabyt” -2003, M. Usmanov - Laureate of the International Competition “Zhakan Dala” - Aktau 2004, Skorikova M. - Laureate of the II-Republican Competition “Zhas Tolgyn” - Taraz 2003, Tanat Zheksenbayev, Kabiev Azat, Kaponova Aizada, laureate of international competitions, soloist Kazakh State Philharmonic Zhambyl, Khasanova Zhakylsyn, soloist of G. Philharmonic named after G. Kurmangaliyev, was awarded the medal “Eren eңbegі Ushіn”, Musagaliev Kadyrbolat Kabdyruly, director of the regional department of culture, Қismetov Uanish-laureate of international competitions. Gulmira Utegenova soloist of the regional philharmonic named after G.Kurmangaliyeva and many others.

The head of the department "Music Education" Nagimova M.M., who defended her thesis in 2004, made a significant contribution to the organization of the department, according to the tasks of building a sovereign Kazakhstan. The methodological support of the educational process was updated, the plans and training programs for future teachers of music and singing began to meet the highest standards. This provided a highly qualified structure of teachers: Candidate of Art History, Professor of WKSU Pogodin S.M., Honored Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Assistant Professor Kuzhakov KK, Rakhimova Zh.A., Taudaeva S.Zh., Senior Lecturers Kusainov AA, Baitleuov D .M., Zhardemova AB and etc.

The teachers of the department are laureates of various international and republican competitions: Associate Professor Kuzhakov KK, Rakhimova Zh.A., Қismetov KL, Sanbaeva N.S., Essentemirov D.N., etc.

Specialty: 5В040300 - "Vocal Art"

From the very beginning, the primary task was to raise the level of development of musical culture in the Western region of Kazakhstan by training qualified specialists with higher education.

Initially, the educational process in musical specialties was organized since 1991 as part of the Chimkent Pedagogical Institute of Culture branch, and since 1992 - at the newly opened West Kazakhstan Institute of Arts.

he training of students, previously called “Music” in the specialties, opened in 1992 since the establishment of the West Kazakhstan Institute of Culture. Its main focus was to raise the level of choral and vocal art in the western region of the Republic, to study and perform works of foreign and modern Kazakhstani composers. The contingent of the first set on the specialty "Music" was 25 students.

The organizer and inspirer of the first composition of the department was N.S. Khamitova - a graduate of the Almaty State Conservatory. Kurmangazy, a teacher with great pedagogical and professional experience. Fascinated, in love with her profession, N.S. Khamitova showed great performance, pedagogical talent. She managed to unite around her young, promising team of teachers.

Since 1997, the head. the chair is appointed by art. teacher Tulegenova A.Sh., who conducted an active concert activity with the choir as its leader. In 1997-2000, the first graduates, excellent students Trunina A.Yu., Potichenko E.G., Okuneva OP, Kaldybaeva A., Jumalieva A.O., Yerzhanova S.N., became the teachers of the department.

Among the teachers with great pedagogical experience, who made a great contribution to the development of the department, should be called Tulegenov A.Sh., Palgovu VV, Strokovu NV ., Melyakov S.V., Vorfolomeevu OV, who at various times were the leaders of student choirs. Visiting the choral class, students had the opportunity to study the style of work of their teachers, methods and technology of the rehearsal and creative process.

A significant contribution to the development of specialties of the department made merit. Artists of the RK Kuzhakov KK, Rakhimov Zh.A., Art. prep. Shabaeva N.A. - the head of the senior concert choir.

Specialty 5В040300 Vocal art has been trained since 2002. Graduates of this specialty are prepared for solo chamber-stage activities, teaching vocal disciplines in music schools, art schools, specialized secondary schools (music colleges, art and culture colleges), for working in cultural and educational organizations and associations, on radio and television, in concert organizations.

To date, the department of "Musical education and vocals" is an integral part of the WKSU them. M. Utemisov. Its activity extends and finds its practical beginning in the public order of the university in the widest aspect.

Experienced teachers of the department educate the younger generation, promoting the best examples of national and world culture and art, working on a technique for studying artistic values ​​in music. The high status of the teaching staff is indicated by his own and student achievements at the level of republican, international competitions and festivals.

Development of professional skills of performing by mastering traditional and new forms of performing art, acquaintance with various performing interpretations is the main direction in the professional activity of teachers.

Along with the concert practice, research work and participation in events affecting this function and the role of the department representatives is actively conducted. Thematic readings, concerts – lectures, publication of works of the widest profile - these are just some of the aspects of the process that the department of “Musical education and vocal” provides.

The criteria on which the foundations of the collective are built and according to which the education policy is carried out as a basis are professionalism and clarity in understanding the goals and the ways to achieve them. An uncompromising approach to their work, in which striving for high results and quality is shown, is the informal motto of the department and its representatives.

Strengthening their status at a qualitative level occurs due to the high degree of motivation and activity of the entire staff of the department.

New technologies and methods of work, an extraordinary approach to solving issues related to improving the presentation of the educational material itself, flexibility and individual attitude to each student - such is the internal positioning of teachers of the department.

The emergence of representatives of the department - teachers and students - at various levels, its extensive functionality and a fairly high degree of scientific and creative graduation serve as a significant confirmation of this.

The head of the department is Babenko O.A. - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. The department has highly qualified teachers with academic and academic degrees, laureates, diploma winners of various competitions and festivals: Rakhimova Zh.A., - Associate Professor, Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kuzhakov K.К. - Associate Professor, Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Pogodin S.M. - Associate Professor, Candidate of Art, senior teachers Vorfolomeeva OV, Umirzakova LK, Zhardemova AB, masters Bekeeva GA, Utegenova GE, Yurchenko AV, Akhatova E.S., Gabbasova M.T. , Koptleuova KS, Kenzhegaliyeva A.Zh., Muratova AM, Kuanshalieva R., Zh., Қismetov KL, Lyapina LB

Students of the department, participating in various contests and festivals, confirm the high level of professional training: the trio "Kusar", Kabiyev Azat, Mendygaliyeva Zhansaya (led by Utegenova G.Е.), the group "Batys star", "Korgan" (led by Kismetov K. L.), Kaponov Aizad, Ryskaliyeva Bibigul, Kanatkaliyev Altynbek, Aitkaliyeva Ainara (associate professor Rakhimova Zh.A.), the student choir participates in many concerts and festivals of city, regional and republican scale (headed by Art. Prepp L. K .Umirzakova, K.S. Koptleuov).

Mission and strategy

The process of formation and content of the development strategy of specialties 5B010600 "Music Education" and 5B040300 "Vocal" of the department as one of the structural units of the West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov, playing an important role among the leading universities of Kazakhstan, sees his mission in the following:

· the provision of educational services in the training of specialists of culture and art;

• basic strategy - the development of the department of educational and scientific complex, taking into account the priority of educational activities;

• educational, scientific programs and projects agreed with the department’s subject profile


5B010600 - “Music education”

Qualification: music teacher

The specialist who received a diploma in the specialty “Music education” is prepared for professional activity as

- music teachers in secondary school

- music director of preschool institutions

- leader of children's musical group, studio

- specialist of the House of Folk Art, ethnocultural center, club institution of additional education, educational institution

- employee of the cultural authorities in charge of musical art.

5В040300 - "Vocal Art"

Qualifications: chamber singer, pop vocal, vocal teacher in music school

Graduates of the specialty “Vocal Art” are prepared for activities in the field of culture and education, can carry out performing, teaching, organizing activities, set and perform creative and organizational tasks.

The objects of professional activity can be cultural and art institutions, specialized and general educational institutions, creative associations, musical editorial offices, publishing houses, studios, and the media.

The subjects of professional activity are the reproduction and interpretation of musical works, the preparation of concert programs, the organization of musical groups.